I can’t be the only hold out

I’m not sure what my aversion to Facebook is but I have refused to join except for one weekend when I was snowed in and going stir crazy and even then I quit before the weekend was over.And I spelled my own name wrong when making the page. It could’ve been the wine. It was probably the wine. But what a dunce, eh?
When I am asked if I’m on Facebook and I say no then the almost immediate question is why. I don’t really have a good answer.So, usually I just say that I refuse as if that’s a real answer. It seems to satisfy people though because usually they tell me that the only reason they are on Facebook is to keep up with what is going on with friends or family. I get that but I have the phone numbers to the people I want to keep in touch with so I can call or text them at any time that I need to catch up so I just don’t feel the need for a Facebook page.
I’m on Twitter and I enjoy that. I think it’s because I can just read quick blurbs and am not required to like or to respond to it. My feeling with Facebook is that it seems like everyone needs to have a response or to have someone like their post. I just want to read and move on. But maybe people feel the same on Twitter too but I just don’t feel the pressure. Also it seems that nobody can stay away from Facebook. I can’t even have lunch with my boyfriend without him constantly checking his Facebook. I am right here, in front of you so how about engage in conversation with me the person who is buying your lunch. Sometimes I take his phone away or I make him put it away but often I just let it slide and grumble to myself about it.
Maybe one day I will try it out again but not anytime soon.
But I can’t be the sole holdout to Facebook. There have got to be others like me. Right?

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