Woe Be Gone

I know exactly what I am doing today. I am feeling sorry for myself. I have a pretty good reason but no good could come of this so I need to find a way to turn it around. I’m sure that I am not the first person to imagine a product designed to chase sadness away with a play on the word woebegone. I’m not even positive that it counts as a play on the word. But it came to me today when I needed a title and inspiration to drag me out of my gloom and get to writing and it made me laugh when it came to me. So, I’m here. I’m not yet sure for how long today but I’ll keep writing until I find the end of this. I’m not going to go into why I am feeling sorry for myself. That’s a bit too personal for me right now to put into a blog but maybe one day I’ll have grown enough to let all of me out there. Maybe I’ll do it when I’m not feeling quite so vulnerable or maybe that’s the perfect time. But it’s not happening today. I do know that changes need to come and that I’m the only one who can do the work.
I did have some new ideas about the story I’m writing and I think they came about because of the way I’m feeling today. After this I’m going to see if they will make sense in the tale I’m telling. I think it’s part of the underlying darkness that I mentioned in a previous blog. If not then maybe it’s the beginning of another story waiting to be told. I will find out.
I have to wonder if it’s better to stick to the current story and see it through to its end or if it’s ok to start on other stories while this one is still in its infancy. I’m thinking that any new story ideas should at least be jotted down while they are fresh in my mind. I’d hate to have them forgotten. I’m thinking that it’s also ok if I jump around to the stories that demand my attention. They shouldn’t be put off just because another was there first. If they are the hungry ones then shouldn’t they be the ones that are fed?
Well, I’ve reached the end for today. Let me go see what my story has in for me today. and oh yea! Choose to be happy!

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  1. Charles

    Because I play mandolin, and guitar, students will often ask which one I practice more. My response is sometimes one, and sometimes the other. It really depends on what I’m into at the moment, but they both get attention. The cool thing is that it’s like having two lovers, and neither gets jealous when you spend time with the other. I think stories are probably like that too.

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