I’m thinking of doing a little something different with this

So, I have been thinking the past few days that maybe I should try something different with my blog. What if instead of writing about all the things that get in the way of my writing I write short stories on this thing? There are plenty of writing prompts out there and I have tons of ideas that aren’t full blown novels. Maybe it could be good practice to write short stories. It would be a nice little creative challenge. My blog could potentially be more interesting if it wasn’t always all about my crap. I think that I’d still write about me sometimes but maybe I should let my mind explore some of the ideas that I have. Maybe putting it out in the world will help me to get over my fear of turning them loose. I could completely embarrass myself or maybe just maybe I’ll actually entertain someone out there. Either I could fall flat on my face or realize the potential my stories may have. I think it’s worth a shot.

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