Is it really possible to fake it till you make it?

This thought occurred to me while I was out walking today at lunch time. Today was the perfect day for walking and enjoying the sunshine. I can’t be unhappy in the sunshine especially when the temperature is just right and there is a breeze blowing. I can’t be miserable out walking on a day like today. Very frequently a smile would creep onto my face and then I’m grinning like an idiot and laughing out loud at myself wondering what the other people passing are seeing when they look at me. That makes me laugh more. Hopefully seeing me smile and enjoy myself added to their day and they found themselves also laughing and smiling.

But back to my question. I’ve heard it said often that you have to fake it till you make it. I am not really sure what that means and have trouble believing that it is really possible to fake your way into success. Isn’t success something that you need to work at? Faking it doesn’t sound like working at it. Sure there are plenty of times that I am faking it. Like when I’m in a bout of horrible depression but yet at work I act cheerful and friendly when I am feeling neither of those things. Faking happiness doesn’t end up making me feel happy. It’s just how I get through the day until I can finally leave and go home and let myself sink into my depression. I’m not trying to bring my coworkers down or cause them to take pity on me. It’s the workplace so there is no room for sinking depressions. I want to write and hopefully tell good stories that will bring others enjoyment but I haven’t been doing much of that recently. Am I faking it with this blog? Just writing until I can actually write? It sometimes feels like it. Would that be what fake it till you make means? Maybe. I’m still skeptical.

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