I’ve slacked off the past few days

I have no good excuse for not writing the past few days. Not even any distractions that have kept me from being on task. I am writing today so I’m not going to beat myself up over the past few days. My brother texted me a link on Monday to an article that Chuck Palahniuk wrote giving writing tips. Here it is. Hopefully I’ve added it correctly.


The first one is the one I’ll be employing right away. It’s a good one. All of them are just great and I plan to keep them in mind as I continue this writing thing. Haha Very eloquent. Ah well. Words are making their way out of my head and into the world so I’ll take it.

I’m off now to go get that writing done today.

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  1. Rob C.

    Get to it girlie! I am waiting for a couple books that you said you wanted to write!

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