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Day 5
It was a fairly pleasant day. I didn’t get much sleep so I ended up working from home. I was pretty productive. It’s funny to me that I feel so much more productive working from home in my pajamas with the TV on in the background. I tend to take less breaks than when I’m in the office and even take less time to eat lunch. I also have to remind myself to check the clock so that I know when it’s quitting time. I’ve never lost track of time while at work in my office. I find that when I’m there I keep watching the clock. But at home I am happy to keep working and not worry about the clock at all.
I’ve got a lot of things going on emotionally at home. I don’t feel like getting into that right now. I will say that I am struggling to have my own life and to think about the things that I want that will make me happy and making those things happen. I am fighting against feeling responsible for grown people who now need to be responsible for themselves. It’s my time and I’m fighting myself to make it my time. It’s a struggle but one I need to go through and one I need to overcome. It will be better for everyone once I do.

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