So let’s just see what happens

I don’t have any inspiration today. Nothing that jumps out that I want to write about so I thought I’d just start writing and see what comes of it. It was not a bad day. It was actually quite good for the most part. But I’ve got nothing. I’m writing anyway so I guess that’s something. I thought that maybe once I got my fingers warmed up then maybe my mind would catch up.

And a totally wild thing just happened. Just before I started writing this I was texting with my youngest son about how I felt uninspired today and that I had decided to just start writing and see what happens and I had just finished typing the last sentence of the previous paragraph when I received this text from my son:

“You could try just letting your mind go and seeing what your fingers type. I did that a couple of times and it can be enlightening to see what you write without anything particular in mind”

That’s my boy! I love that we can have conversations that are so in sync. Of course I’m a proud mama and would sing the praises of both my boys. and I’ve had similar experiences with both of them. This one just happened at a time that I was currently writing a blog. It really is a beautiful thing. I am proud of both of them. They have wonderful, intelligent, inquisitive minds. I’d like to think that I had something to do with that.  I love that for all the years that I have been teaching them that now they are able to teach and inspire me. Actually they have been teaching and inspiring me all along. There are so many things I might never have learned if it weren’t for them. So, for all the hard work it took in raising them I will be forever grateful for what they have taught me and are still teaching me.


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