It still makes me laugh to think about it

I came across this Mental Floss article  and found a word that is little used today.  nullibiquitous  and it means: Not in existence anywhere. It reminded me of a story about an ex boyfriend. This was a long time ago. I am sure it was over ten years ago. He and I were at Guitar Center and we were at the counter so that he could make a purchase or inquire about a product. I can’t remember which. The kid behind the counter asks him for his name and he tells him. The kid then says something like I’ve heard that name before somewhere or I think I’ve seen you somewhere before to which my boyfriend replies “I’m ubiquitous!” and the kid looks at him and asks “Is that your middle name?”. He and I laughed because the kid was asking a serious question so I told him “No, it means that he’s everywhere.” I’m not sure the kid ever got the joke but it doesn’t matter because we did and it still makes me laugh when I think about it. So, I was quite excited to come across its opposite. I love words and always enjoy finding new ones. This particular boyfriend had an affinity for words and I loved that about him. I read everything that I can get my hands on and I thought that I knew a lot of words but he taught me quite a few new ones and that was fun. He used to call himself “aberrant tissue” which I found quite clever considering that aberrant means: departing from  an accepted standard. But then one day we were talking about what he meant by aberrant and he said it meant that he was hated and I told him that he was using the wrong word and the word he wanted was abhorrent. It turned out that he wasn’t pronouncing abhorrent correctly so we ended up arguing about how to pronounce it. It ended with me looking up both words to prove it to him. I still think it was much more clever to call himself “aberrant tissue”. I always felt that fit him better than abhorrent. Any how that was a long time ago and while he and I didn’t end up together I still have far more fond memories of our time together than the ones that resulted in our not staying together.


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