I haven’t felt much like posting the past few days.

No, not a good excuse. I should have been writing anyway. But I didn’t. I don’t even feel in the mood to now but I’m making myself do it anyway. I’ve not even made any progress at all on my re-writes. I did get my taxes done last night. At the last minute. I used to be one of those people that did my taxes as soon as I had all the needed forms. Of course that was back when my kids were small and weren’t able to claim themselves. I was also a single mother and I needed that tax return to pay off my Christmas debt and if I was lucky I could get a head start on the coming year’s bills. I tried like hell for them to not feel as poor as we actually were. I hope I succeeded.

I went into work today thinking that I was all caught up on everything and that it’d be an easy day but then the big boss emailed right at the start of the day and changed all that. It turned out to be quite a busy day. I’m glad. I enjoy the work I do and it’s a much better day when I have a ton to do. Even if that can make it stressful sometimes. I am very fortunate that I enjoy my job.

It was a beautiful day and I succeeded in cleaning out half of my car on my lunch break. I drive around with way to much in my car. It seems that every where I turn I have secreted away some memory. That’s why I didn’t finish my car today. I started going through the things that I am keeping in there and then found myself thinking about how those particular things ended up in my car in the first place. Then I was trying to decide what needed to come out of there so that if ever I needed to have more people in the back seat they would actually have a place to comfortably sit. That was hard. I don’t currently have my “own” place to live so my car feels like the only place that is actually all mine. So, I want to have things in there that make it feel like as long as I have my car I have a home. That sounds so stupid now that I’ve typed it out. Ah well. It’s just how it is so I’m not taking it out. There really are a lot of things that I don’t need to drive around every where I go but I still can’t get myself to take them out of the car. Almost all of my books are in storage right now but I have a lot of books still in my car and I can’t let them go. It comforts me to know that they are there. That I can pick them up and read them where ever I might find myself stuck. A few of them I have read. I sometimes use my lunch break to read but there are a quite a few that I haven’t yet so I know that I’ve always got something to read when the need arises. I did manage to get all of my books in the same bag so that instead of 3 or 4 semi full bags of books there is just one. So, that’s an accomplishment. And I was able to see what books I still had in my car. It had been a while since I had looked at them so I didn’t know what was in my car and what wasn’t. Most of them were bought at the thrift store by work before it closed down. I tried to decide which ones should stay or go but in the end decided that they all needed to stay. Who knows when I might decide to run away from home and will really need the comfort of those books.

Well, this has been a rather disjointed post and now I’ve come to the end. Till next time.

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