Sad news today

This morning a coworker of mine died. It’s very sad for all of us. I’ve known this man for at least 15 years and in all that time, while we have worked together via email and telephone, I never had the opportunity to meet him in person. That makes me extremely sad. I always thought that we would meet one day. We’ve always worked in different offices and never needed to conduct business face to face. He could get grumpy at times especially if he felt that someone might not be living up to the expectations of the job they were being paid for but mostly he was kind and funny and could always be counted on to deliver.

He was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago and was going to be starting chemo but other health issues prevented that from happening right away and we lost a really wonderful man. He was with our company for 42 years. He’s made a lasting impression on all of us in the business.

His initials were B.S. and I would receive interoffice envelopes from him where he would always write from B.S. and the twelve year old in me would always giggle every time I saw it. I finally emailed him one day and told him so and he replied “Hopefully not all BS. Shucks I thought of that years ago and hoped it would make other people smile.” I am going to miss him. A lot.

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