Ah distractions, distractions

It’s so easy to allow any number of things to distract me and keep me from accomplishing the goals that I set for myself. Of course I always have very good reasons why my current distraction is important enough to keep me from what I should be doing, what I need to be doing. Writing. All week long I told myself that I’m too tired from working all day so I’ll spend the weekend writing. This past weekend instead of writing I spent the better part of the weekend looking up my family history on ancestry.com. I told myself that this is important because if all goes well the plan is to share all of what I found with my family as a gift to all of them for Christmas. That in itself isn’t a bad thing. It’s that I didn’t spend one minute writing. After telling myself all week that this was the weekend that I was going to begin to get these ideas out of my head and written down. With this lil blog I plan to make writing a habit. I want to make writing a need & not a want. I need to write today no matter how tired I may be. These stories don’t get to live and grow if I just keep them trapped in my head. I must allow them to escape and give them the freedom to discover the rest of their adventure and where their journey may lead them. I owe them that.

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